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Spline Global provides consultation to companies seeking to implement new technology to their business. From user experience design to sales process improvement, Spline Global offers a variety of services that connect the complex dots between digital and analog with a flexible curve that leads to a growing company.


We started dealing with overseas companies about a year after we established the company and were searching for an outsourcing service that offered bilingual administration support such as issuing invoices and sending documents and we had a good impression that AND ASSIST was able to provide the support we needed so we asked for a small admin type of request to start off.
AND ASSIST had already built a system that revolves around a remote working style so we felt that they were very appropriate and able to work easily as a remotely working team.

Why choose AND ASSIST?

AND ASSIST is able to respond to a wide range of tasks that could not be handled by a single assistant but as a team. They can also assign the most appropriate assistant for the right task. AND ASSIST is very flexible in terms of e-mail communication in English where we seek for support with overseas companies. Another reason for selecting AND ASSIST is their adjustability to take on small tasks and the sense of security of having access to a back-office team rather than hiring a single office staff. I am impressed with the Supervisors for always having a grasp of each situation and being able to manage/create work manuals. It was also great that could provide regular checks on the work quality, provide customer satisfaction and point out areas for improvement.

The effectiveness of AND ASSIST service

We not only experience cost and time effectiveness with AND ASSIST, but also fast implementation and visible results. Unlike recruiting a staff member, there is no need to plan the workforce based on business volume. We are very happy with the quality of the service, and as long as we do not request something extreme, such as a turnaround time of 24 hours or less, the response time is reasonable. Some of the requests can be completed immediately, and we are very satisfied with the cost-effectiveness of the service. Most importantly, being able to leave the administrative tasks to AND ASSIST has allowed us to concentrate on our corporate growth strategy.

Future prospect

As a small company, core work is often interrupted by non-core work and ends up resulting in less focus on productive work which makes it difficult to maintain high performance. We strongly feel that it is important to outsource as much non-core work as possible so that we can focus on maximizing the performance of our core operations. On the other hand, it is very difficult to outsource miscellaneous non-core work all at once, but with the concept of AND ASSIST which supports diverse work styles of talented and capable women, it allows small companies to make the most of these women's skills by utilizing their free time. We look forward to seeing continuous expansion of AND ASSIST and working with staff who can also manage the diverse needs of our company.

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