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We use the latest security technology to keep your important information safe.


  • Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) Contract between clients and our company

    When our clients disclose any confidential information, the Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) will be in effect to ensure nothing will be shared outside of AND ASSSIT or used without authorization.

  • Enforcement of business account

    All correspondence with our clients and within our company will be done strictly through our business mail and business account.

  • Password protection

    We use BitWarden, a password management tool which stores important data such as ID and passwords on the cloud after encryption.

  • Enforcement of discard printed documents

    All necessary data will be electronically stored on a secured virtual desktop and will be discarded upon receipt by clients. Any unnecessary documents will be discarded after completion of the work.


  • Information Security Education

    In most cases security lapses can directly be attributed to human error. To combat this issue, we administer periodic security training for our assistants.

  • Enforcement of document management

    Storage of document data to anywhere other than company designated internet storage is strictly prohibited. Storage of documents on a personal computer is also prohibited. Any external recording devise such as a USB drive or similar devises are not permitted on the premises.

  • Prohibition of public Wi-Fi

    If our assistant works outside the home, VPC will encrypt all information and measures are taken to prevent information leakage even while using public Wi-Fi. However, we recommend our assistants not to connect to public Wi-Fi to protect their computers. If, by chance, our assistants connect their computer to public Wi-Fi, there is no risk with the protection of VPC encrypted security.

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