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Not all women are superwomen who are perfect at work and in raising their children

When my second child was born, I took the opportunity to resign from my decade-long employment at a foreign financial institution. Being from rural Japan, I had no parents nearby to rely on and my husband was busy with work, so I realized the difficulty of balancing full-time work with parenting. Looking back, I was feeling rather down as things weren't going as well as I had hoped at work or in parenting. Even if I spent more than 100% of my energy -- 70% for work and 70% for parenting, it was difficult to give my best to my children without it affecting the quality of my work. Then, one day I attended a seminar for mothers. There was a sense of unity in the venue when many attendees agreed with the speaker's statement that 'no one can be perfect at both work and parenting; not all women are superwomen'. I strongly felt that if so many mothers felt the same way, there was a need to create an environment where those mothers could work at ease in their own way. Making the most out of the skills they cultivated at work and the abilities they developed through parenting, if mothers can fulfill their duty to society at their own pace rather than simply earn money, I think it will lead to mothers having more confidence and may benefit their families as well. Through remote work which the Japanese government is also promoting, we are recruiting mothers of diverse backgrounds who would like to be active in society in their own way.

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