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About Olivia san

Originally from England, Olivia spent 4.5 years in Japan, both traveling for work and as an expatriate. Olivia was a very busy woman with a lot of responsibility at work, but was also very inquisitive, therefore she was always willing to try many things, in order to live a fulfilled life in Japan.

Why did you decide to use AA (Virtual Assistant Service) and what is the story behind it?

As I was living in a foreign country, I realised that I needed some support from a local so that I could make the most effective and efficient use of my time in Japan. When I discovered AA, I thought I would give their services a try as they have plans that provide English-language support for individuals.

Your impressions of using AA.

I asked AA to help me with many small requests. These ranged from helping with admin, hospital appointments, and other scenarios requiring advanced Japanese, to comparing prices at nail salons, switching cell phone companies and registering at online supermarkets, and other useful Japanese services that were difficult for me to navigate as a foreigner. AA has made my life in Japan a lot easier and a lot less stressful. They were so generous and offered help me with anything I needed. They even told me how to get to the hidden hot springs and how to buy hard-to-find sake! I highly recommend their services.

Olivia san
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