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Walk me through the steps from initial inquiry to start of service.

We receive your inquiry → Consultation → Trial → Service begins
During our consultation, we will carefully review your requests in order to offer you the most suitable action plan.

How can I request your services?

You can request our services via your prefered communication tool. We accept a wide range of apps and messaging services such as Slack, Skype, LINE, Messenger, email, ZOOM, Google Meets, etc. One of our supervisors (team leaders) will examine your request and write up an estimate. Service will only begin once we have your consent.

How are deadlines decided?

We propose the most appropriate deadline after considering your desired time frame and carefully examining the details of your request. For urgent requests, we can temporarily increase the number of assistants.

How do you calculate hours worked?

We calculate the time required to fulfill your request (confirming your request, responding to the request, reporting results, etc.) as hours worked. Our supervisors check to see whether the hours worked are appropriate for the content of your request and manage our services in order to maintain a consistant level of productivity.

Can you guarantee that the work requested will be completed?

According to our company's terms of service, the contracts made between clients and our company are not for the purpose of completing a fixed amount of work. Rather, they are outsourcing contracts intended to complete tasks given to us by our clients. Therefore, we cannot guarantee that the work requested will be completed.

What are your assistants' hours of operation?

Our assistants can communicate with you in real time between 9:30 am - 5:30 pm (Tokyo time). Any messages received outside those hours will be responded to during our hours of operation.

Who is on your team?

Our team is made up of women who have been active in the business world for over 10 years. For example, one of our assistants, having been in charge of education at a major airline, is able to deliver high quality service, has HR development knowlege, and crisis management skills. Another member of our staff who worked at a foreign bank has experience negotiating with people overseas. She has a great deal of knowledge in compliance. Yet another team member has experience working as a project manager for a foreign manufacturing firm. We have a versatile team to meet your needs.

Can I choose or change my assistant?

We generally don't accept requests to choose or change one's assistant. However, if you have any complaints about your assistant's performance, please don't hesitate to let one of our supervisors know. We will do our best to meet your needs.


How do you manage data and provide security?

We have our client companies and each assistant (staff member) sign a nondisclosure agreement.
VPC Asia KK, with whom we have a partnership, provides us with private cloud service. We do all our work on virtual desktops, and are thorough in our data management. For details, please click here.


How should I pay my fees?

You can wire the payments to our bank account or use the online payment system, PayPal.

Changing or canceling your plan.

Please let one of our supervisors know. We will respond flexibly to your request.

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