Make your Japan life easier!
We are Tokyo based Bilingual Admin Asistants



Make your Japan life easier!
We are Tokyo based Bilingual Admin Asistants.


Assistants with 10 years+ experienced in

Japanese working environment will

provide support to all business needs


We provide affordable virtual assistant service

3 Features of our service
~To increase your work productivity~
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AND ASSIST provides services to companies to allow effective use of their resources by outsourcing tasks to skilled assistants that you can hire only when you need them, and without the hassle of hiring full-time and permanent staff.

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We select the most appropriate assistant for each task. Backup system is in place to increase work productivity and efficiency.

We know your needs and will work to make sure those needs are met.

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To keep your information secure, we use VPC Asia's private, cloud-based Remote Desktop Service, which insures against human error, accidental deletions and internet hacking.

Service Menu
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Personal and
Executive Assistant
Human Resources
Customer Support
Telephone Service

Bilingual support is available for all areas

Personal and Executive Assistant

  • Travel Arrangements
  • Schedule Management
  • Research Support
  • Dinner Reservation
  • Personal errands

Enlgish⇔Japanese Translation

  • Cold Calling
  • Create English presentation
  • Documetation summary
  • Native English Check *We are not only fluent in English but experienced in making negotiations in English

Finance/General Administration

  • PDF
  • Google+
  • Word documentation
  • Buying/Selling
  • Manage invoice
  • Payment arrangement
  • Banking services, application support for loans and grants

Human Resources

  • Employee candidate management
  • Employee management control
  • Data and/or documentation for measuring recruiting metrics

Business Administration

  • Business reports and plans
  • Data lists and/or comparisons
  • Data entry, Presentations
  • Customer service
  • Business call service
  • Arrangement of moving locations
  • Setting up accounts

Customer Support

  • Telephone
  • Email reply

Our management team reviews your work requests and selects the most qualified assistant. Assistants can perform a wide range of administrative tasks, from data management, which requires precise administrative skills, to customer support, which requires strong communication skills. At AND ASSIST, we manage the quality of our assistants to be consistent. Our supervisors will help you find the right person for your job instead of leaving it to chance. We will identify the most appropriate assistant for the right job.


“We should rethink the `Japanese-style` hiring, where people build up their career with a single company until the end of their career” - Hiroaki Nakanishi, Chairman of the Japanese Business Federation. Traditional Japanese employment tends to grow less professionals, whereas ”job-focused employment” is intended to hire resources with the right skills for the right job. AND ASSIST takes a step ahead in business style by providing right skills for the businesses only when required.

Our Team
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Major Japanese Airline Flight Attendant/ Ground Staff Trainer:

Skilled in hospitality, staff training and crisis management.

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Multinational bank staff:

Knowledgeable in compliance matters, administrative and office management, experienced in international negotiation.

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Luxury brand executive assistant:

Broad local knowledge, skilled in communication and hospitality.

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Human resources staff:

Experienced in hiring, new employee onboarding process, employee offboarding process, employee attendance, payroll.

Layer 112

Foreign company project manager:

Strong English skill, extensive project management skill, new product development knowledge.

Service Examples

① Invoice Processing (Data entry)


I saved this month’s invoice in our usual folder. Could you please check and process them?

Certainly! Everything is complete as of yesterday except the payment to XXX company which is due this weekend. Please confirm.



Thank you for the reminder. I left it aside for a while... You are attentive to details and I feel relieved that I am able to keep in close communication with you! Thank you so much!

② Sales call (Out-call support)

Please find this month’s sales call report. The total number of outgoing calls is 140 and confirmed appointments is 12. Companies are still encouraging remote work due to COVID-19 pandemic and in many cases the person in charge was not available to take the call. Unfortunately, we were only successful with 1% of total calls but many reacted positively to the possibility of web-based meetings and in-person meetings after the pandemic is over. Please note all changes are highlighted in yellow for your review. We will continue to target 100+ calls next month.



Thank you for the report! I will make sure to check the list for the latest information. As you noticed, working from home has become the norm, and may be difficult to connect to appointments but your effort and continuous support is greatly appreciated!

③ Blog rewrite

As requested, we have completed the blog rewriting for all 10 articles based on web writing rules the writing ‘tone’ you have requested. Please review the contents and let us know if anything needs correction.



Thank you, I have confirmed the writing. I am amazed by your ability to rewrite such technical content. I can see your thoroughness and careful review of the article. Thank you again for your great support!


We start all contractual agreements with the signing of a Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure 100% data security as well as to protect our client(s).


All work including data storage is done on a virtual desktop, with a secure private cloud system provided by VPC Asia. Periodic security checks are performed for reliable data access.


The majority of security incidents involve human error. We ensure that all our staff are trained on data security to reduce such possibilities.


All password exchange is done on Bitwarden, complete open source software. All data is fully encrypted and has secure cloud syncing features. Passwords are kept secure.