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About FEW

FEW is a community of global-minded, English-speaking women who motivate, inspire, and connect with one another through powerful programming, intimate gatherings, and constant exchange of ideas. They celebrated the 40th anniversary in July 2020, and became a legal entity as FEW Japan Not-for-Profit Incorporated Association.

Why did you decide to use AA (Virtual Assistant Service) and what is the story behind it?

Since incorporation in July 2020, we have built up greater financial capacity through a Membership Policy that has empowered our community to welcome three types of members: individuals, organizational members and corporate sustaining members. We have been rebuilding our community through diverse stakeholders who all believe in our mission of supporting women's empowerment in Japan. To drive greater impact for our organization, while avoiding burnout of our volunteer board of directors during the pandemic, it became important for us to egate specialists to support our team by reducing their administrative and mental load. The board of directors has been able to focus on more strategic areas of leadership and social impact for women, such as curation of inspiring events, 40th anniversary campaigns, professional development programming for members, and community engagement through new digital networking tools.

Your impressions of using AA.

We truly appreciate having the professional support of our virtual assistants to support everything from administrative work, to managing digitization inquiries, to making and sending out invoices on behalf of the organization. This has helped our board of directors feel supported on certain pieces of implementation to avoid burnout and overwhelm amidst our other paid work and family responsibilities. We are very pleased to have your support.

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